Japanese Tea Garden

1. The Main Gate
2. The Main Gate from inside the garden
      a. A closer view of the gate
3. The Sunken Garden
      a. Some interesting foliage
      b. Colourful flowers
4. Twisted tree branches
5. Maple Lane
6. Zen garden with bonsai tree
      a. The bonsai tree
7. The Pagoda
8. Pond and stepping stones
      a. Topiary and irises
      b. Mossy stepping stones
      c. Path and stone lantern
9. Garden near the pond
10. Waterfall
      a. A closer view of the waterfall
      b. Further down the slope
11. Garden pond with fish
      a. The fish
12. Pond and the Moon Bridge
      a. The bridge
13. Dedication stone
14. A familiar sight

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