Our Honeymoon
21 August to 16 September 2000

About our Photos

In all, we took about 1,400 photos during the entire four weeks of our trip - this averages to about two films a day, which isn't too bad considering some of the amazing places we saw along the way. Don't worry, only a select number of our best photos will be on the website - we'll spare you the torment of the out-of-focus and too-dark ones. :-) Actually, we were quite pleasantly surprised with our success rate. We hope you find them as interesting as we do.

Vanessa took the greater majority of the photos, as Chris was usually busy driving at the time. You will notice some of the photos have bits of dashboard or side-mirror in them. We would have liked to have stopped the car more frequently for photo opportunities, but unfortunately, we didn't always have the chance due to time contraints or there simply just being nowhere to stop safely on the highway. Thus, Vanessa did her best from the passenger seat - sometimes winding down the window to take a snap of something as we sped past it at 70mph!

For those interested in the more technical side of the photography, Vanessa used a Pentax K1000 35mm camera (totally manual everything) with a fixed 50mm lens with a UV filter and a fixed 28mm wide-angle lens with a daylight filter. (Thanks Dad for the loan of the wide-angle!) Chris used a Canon EOS Elan with a 75 - 300mm telephoto lens with a UV filter and a 35 - 80mm lens with a skylight filter. We both used a variety of disposable panoramic cameras.

A sad endnote: About eight months after our honeymoon, our home was broken into and, amongst other things, all of our camera gear was stolen. Vanessa was most upset as her camera had been a gift to her from her father.