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Our Photographs

Firstly, we must thank all those kind people who have donated their photographs for use on this website. Without their assistance, our website would be a shadow of what it is today. Please see the Thanks To... page for a list of the photographers' names.

All photos are credited to their photographer. Copyright of those photos belong to the photographer. Photos without credits were taken by Chris or Vanessa Ryan and copyright belongs to them. Please see the Copyright page for further details.

The [⊗] Symbol

Photos taken outside of the park have been marked with the [⊗] symbol to distinguish them from photos of species taken in the park.

Where possible, we have tried to use photos of animals and plants actually taken in the park. However, due to the difficulty of getting photos of many species, they - mostly animals - have been represented by photos of the same species taken elsewhere.

We are including these photos so that people who visit the park can use our website to help them identify the animals and plants that they may have seen during their stay. For people who haven't visited the park, the photographs show the variety, beauty and how special these species are. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

In some cases, we may use photos of a species taken outside of the park to support photos that were taken in the park. These photos show different or interesting aspects of the species that the park photos lack.

Should you have any photographs taken in Girraween National Park that you would like to donate to our website, please Contact Us.

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Last updated: 29th October 2013