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A special thank you to...

This website could not be what it is without the help and support of the people and organisations listed on this page. Thank you to all involved. We would also like to give a special thanks to the following individuals in alphabetical order:

  • Bill McDonald for sharing his huge knowledge of the park's flora;

  • Bruce Rasmussen, Birds Queensland AV Librarian - for sorting through all those photos of birds for us;

  • Craig Robbins - for his invaluable assistance with getting our Plants section right;

  • David James - for checking our orchid photos and putting together the Girraween Orchid Flowering Calendar;

  • Dr Ian Baird - for his fascinating article about Petalura gigantea the Giant Dragonfly;

  • Dr Lindsay Popple - for his help with identifying our cicadas and informing us of other Girraween species;

  • Dr Michael Mathieson, Curator of Orchids, Queensland Herbarium - for his invaluable help with sorting out Girraween's orchids;

  • Dr Ron Atkinson, Find-a-Spider Guide - for his help with identifying our Girraween spiders;

  • Eiji Kato, Twinstar Guesthouse and Observatory - for telling us about Asteroid Girraween and helping us get the facts right;

  • Glenn Leiper - for sharing his amazing knowledge of wildflowers and his inexhaustible support and enthusiasm;

  • John Moye - for giving us permission to have his article "Petal Rock" available as a download;

  • John Cowburn, Head Ranger at Girraween 2004-2015 - for his support and assistance and for being there on Sundays;

  • Jolene McLellan, Girraween Public Contact Ranger - for her enthusiasm and the wealth of informative material and photographs;

  • Jutta Godwin - for her help with our Lichens;

  • Megan Prance, Technical Officer at the Queensland Herbarium, for helping sort out our plants list;

  • Michael Jefferies, The Stanthorpe Field Naturalists Club - for his advice and introducing us to Flickr;

  • Neil Holmes, Girraween Ranger - for his support, interest and enthusiasm;

  • Nick Monaghan, lifeunseen.com - for his help identifying our insects;

  • Nigel Fechner, Mycologist and Botanist at the Queensland Herbarium, for helping sort out our plant and fungi lists;

  • Paul Grimshaw, Overseer Girraween National Park 1972-1982 - for sharing his memories, memorabilia and intimate knowledge of Girraween;

  • Penny Davies and Roger Ilott for allowing us to include video of their performance of their song about Girraween National Park, also for providing us with the words to the song and background information.

  • Robert Ashdown, Senior Ranger, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service - for his enthusiasm and help with hunting down those hard-to-find photographs;

  • Rod Hobson, Resource Ranger, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service - for sharing his local knowledge and helping us get it "scientifically right";

  • Tom Ryan, Overseer Girraween National Park 1966-1972 - for sharing so many of his special memories of Girraween;

  • Warwick Willmott, Geological Society of Australia, Queensland Division - for his invaluable assistance with our Geology section;

  • Wild Magazine for allowing us to have Andrew Willis's article on Girraween National Park available for download;

  • and finally, Elsie and Max Vincent - for all their encouragement and support.

Also a thank you to...
  • Glenn McRae - for his help with identifying our mystery birds;

  • Kell Nielsen - for his boundless enthusiasm and stimulating discussion;

  • Liz Bourne, The Stanthorpe Rare Wildflower Consortium - for her help with identifying wildflowers;

  • Paula Boatfield, The Stanthorpe Rare Wildflower Consortium - for her support and advice;

  • Dr Geoff Monteith, Entomological Society of Queensland - for his support and suggestions.


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