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About the Plant Species List

Date this list was published: November, 2015

This list has been compiled by Vanessa Ryan (2011, 2015) and Craig Robbins (2011) from the following sources:
  • Queensland Herbarium specimen records [Data extracted June 2015]

  • Census of the Queensland Flora 2015

  • Wildlife Online Records with either more than 1 sighting OR 1 or more Specimens Recorded. [Data extracted July 2015]

  • "Species List - Plant Life of Girraween National Park"; Booklet; State of Queensland, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service; November 1999

  • Observations by National Park and Queensland Herbarium staff and park visitors [July 2015].

Park Boundaries used were as they were defined in March 2011 (Qld Government).

This list is not necessarily complete, although it has been prepared with care and attention to detail; the list, like all plant species lists, is an ongoing work in progress and will change as new knowledge becomes available. We welcome and encourage any feedback, comments, amendments, corrections and additional species sightings or records.

Copies of the complete list in spreadsheet format and checklist format is available from the Downloads page.


Map showing study area for plant species.

Plant Search Bounding Area
The pink box shows the approximate extent of Queensland Herbarium specimen records cross-referenced in the study.
Click on the map for a more detailed view.

Many groups and organisations have contributed to the collective knowledge of known plant species within Girraween NP and this publication would not have been possible without their contributions, input and passion towards the Park and the flora of Australia. We would like to thank, in particular, the following people and organisations for their valuable contributions towards increasing the knowledge of the Park's flora, reviewing draft revisions of this list, or contributing by providing expert knowledge and guidance.

Queensland Herbarium:
  • Ailsa Holland for her support and advice on a variety of botanical matters

  • Bill McDonald for reviewing a draft of the current list and providing names or clarification for some of the more obscure taxa present within the list

  • Megan Prance for providing lists of species for the Girraween area

  • Megan Thomas for advice, clarification of unknown plant names and support on the 2011 list

  • Mike Mathieson for his expert input regarding Orchidaceae, providing constructive feedback and a number of corrections

  • Nigel Fechner for clarification of some species presence within the park and surrounding area

  • Peter Bostock for providing a list of changes between Censuses of the Queensland Flora and clarification of species

  • Tony Bean for reviewing a draft of the 2011 list and providing names or clarification for some of the more obscure taxa present within the list

Queensland Parks and Wildlife:
  • Jolene McLellan (Girraween Ranger) for her support, guidance and sharing her expert local knowledge

  • Sue Smith (Girraween Ranger, Queensland Parks and Wildlife), for sharing her expert local knowledge

Other contributors:
  • David James (ANOS Kabi Group) for sharing his knowledge of orchids and helping to identify park species, as well as providing photographs of those species

  • Glenn and Jenny Holmes for providing a list of their specimens from the park and confirming the presence of some species

  • Glenn Leiper for his assistance with identifying some of Girraween's species from photographs, as well as providing a great many of those photographs

  • Ian Milinovich for sharing his deep local knowledge of the area's flora, as well as providing a great many photographs

  • Michael Jefferies and Nanette Jurd for their support and donation of photographs to the Girraween website which have helped confirm the existence of certain species within the park

  • Paul Grimshaw for reviewing the list and providing clarification of species' presence within the park and surrounding area

Although not necessarily participating directly towards this current list, there are a number of important contributors who have all added significantly towards the understanding and knowledge of Girraween National Park's flora. Compiling this list of known species has only been possible because of the effort of these contributors and collectors. We gratefully acknowledge each of them below.
Stanley Blake, Frederick Bailey, Cyril White, Lindsay Smith, Mary Clemens, Ellen Goebel, Bill Goebel, Hock Goebel, Max Gray, Les Pedley, John Williams, David Hockings, Jean Harslett, G. Ward, Ken Shea, C. W. Frazier, Ernest Constable, Ian Telford, Tom Ryan, Greg Roberts, Philip Sharpe, David Jones, Peter Young, Ralph Crane, David Halford, Paul Forster, George Batianoff, Colleen Gravatt, John Hunter, Peter Clarke and Kym Sparshott.

If anyone has been omitted from this list, it was unintentional and we sincerely apologise.

© Vanessa and Chris Ryan, 2009 | Copyright Details and Disclaimer
Last updated: 26th November 2015