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The Junction

This is a fairly easy walk that follows the northern bank of Bald Rock Creek downstream to where it joins with Ramsay Creek. The track goes through a variety of landscapes - Eucalypt forest, open heathland and across bare granite. Depending on the recent amount of rainfall, the creeks may be flowing or simply be a line of pools dotting the granite rocks. The Junction track is accessed from the Granite Arch track and the Bald Rock Creek camping area.

View of The Junction

5 km
2 hours return from Bald Rock Creek
day-use area
Class 3

or 3.7 km
1.5 - 2 hours return from Bald Rock Creek camping area
Class 3

Map A map of the walking track.
Junction Views A collection of photos showing some of the scenic views along the track as it follows Bald Rock Creek to The Junction.
[22 photos]
October, 2008 This is a series of photographs of the track, starting near where it joins with the Granite Arch circuit. October is Spring, so there were a lot of wildflowers in blossom at the time.
[114 photos]
August, 2010 - Pt 1 This is the first part of a series of photographs taken along The Junction track. This section of track is also part of the Bald Rock Creek Circuit track. August is late Winter, so quite a few Spring flowers were starting to come into blossom. There had been heavy rain the day before, so there was a lot of water about and Bald Rock Creek was in semi-flood.
[104 photos]
August, 2010 - Pt 2 This the second part of the series of photographs taken along The Junction track. This sequence starts at the point where the Junction Track joins with the Bald Rock Creek Circuit track and continues to its end where the two creeks meet.
[200 photos]

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