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Flannel Flower
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Find Flowering Plant by Scientific Name

This list is an extract from the Girraween Plant Species List compiled by Vanessa Ryan and Craig Robbins.
For more details about this list, click here.

All the plants listed here are common, except those given a conservation status code.

Conservation status codes:
Introduced species (*), Near Threatened (NT), Vulnerable (V), Endangered (E)


Abutilon oxycarpum var. subsagittatum  Flannel Weed
Acacia adunca  Cascade Wattle, Wallangarra Wattle
Acacia adunca x A.neriifolia  -
Acacia baileyana  Cootamundra Wattle (*)
Acacia betchei  Red-tip Wattle
Acacia binervata  Two-veined Hickory
Acacia brownei  Brown's Acacia, Brown's Wattle, Golden Prickly Moses, Heath Wattle
Acacia brunioides subsp. granitica  Brown Wattle
Acacia buxifolia subsp. buxifolia  Box-leaf Wattle
Acacia buxifolia subsp. pubiflora  Box-leaf Wattle
Acacia cultriformis  Dog-tooth Wattle, Golden-glow Wattle, Half-moon Wattle, Knife-leaf Wattle
Acacia debilis  Spindly Wattle
Acacia falciformis  Black Wattle, Broad-leaved Hickory, Hickory Wattle, Large-leaf Hickory Wattle, Mountain Hickory, Pale Hickory Wattle, Tanning Wattle
Acacia filicifolia  Fern-leaved Wattle
Acacia fimbriata  Brisbane Golden Wattle, Brisbane Wattle, Fringed Wattle
Acacia floribunda  Catkin Wattle, Gossamer Wattle, White Sally Wattle
Acacia gladiiformis  Sword Wattle, Sword-leaf Wattle
Acacia granitica  Granite Wattle
Acacia hispidula  Hairy Wattle, Little Harsh Acacia
Acacia implexa  Bastard Myall, Hickory Wattle, Lightwood, Weetjellan (D'harawal)
Acacia irrorata subsp. irrorata  Blueskin, Green Wattle, Sydney Green Wattle
Acacia juncifolia  Rush-leaved Wattle
Acacia latisepala  -
Acacia montana  Mallee Wattle
Acacia myrtifolia  Myrtle Wattle, Red-stemmed Wattle
Acacia neriifolia  Granite Silver Wattle, Bastard Yarran, Black Wattle, Oleander Wattle, Silver Wattle
Acacia penninervis var. penninervis  Mountain Hickory
Acacia pruinosa  Frosty Wattle
Acacia pubifolia  Velvet Wattle, Wyberba Wattle (V)
Acacia rubida  Red-leaved Wattle, Red-stemmed Wattle
Acacia ruppii  Rupp's Wattle (V)
Acacia striatifolia  -
Acacia stricta  Hop Wattle, Straight Wattle
Acacia ulicifolia  Juniper Wattle, Prickly Moses
Acacia venulosa  Fine Veined Wattle, Veiny Wattle, Woolly Wattle
Acacia verniciflua  Stinkwood Bush, Varnish Wattle
Acacia viscidula  Sticky Wattle
Acacia williamsiana  -
Acaena ovina  Sheep's Burr
Acetosella vulgaris  Dock, Field Sorrel, Horse Sorrel, Red Sorrel, Sorrel, Sheep Sorrel, Sour Dock (*)
Acianthus exsertus  Dark Mosquito Orchid, Gnat Orchid
Acmena ingens  Red Apple, Satinash
Acronychia oblongifolia  White Aspen, Yellow Wood
Acrotriche aggregata  Red Cluster Heath, Tall Acrotriche, Tall Groundberry
Actinotus gibbonsii  Creeping Flannel Flower, Dwarf Flannel Flower, Gibbon's Flannel Flower
Actinotus helianthi  Flannel Flower
Agiortia cicatricata  - (NT)
Agrostis bettyae  Alpine Winter Bent-grass, Forest Bent-grass
Agrostis gigantea  Red-top Bent-grass (*)
Aira caryophyllea subsp. caryophyllea  Silvery Hairgrass (*)
Aira cupaniana  Silvery Hairgrass (*)
Ajuga australis  Austral Bugle
Allocasuarina inophloia  Stringybark She-oak
Allocasuarina littoralis  Black She-oak
Allocasuarina luehmannii  Bull Oak, Bull She-oak, Bulloak, Buloke
Allocasuarina rupicola  Rock She-oak, Shrubby She-oak (NT)
Allocasuarina torulosa  Bakers Oak, Forest Oak, Forest She-oak, Rose She-oak
Alloteropsis semialata  Cockatoo Grass
Alphitonia excelsa  Coopers Wood, Red Almond, Red Ash, Soap Tree
Ammobium alatum  Winged Everlasting, Winged Paper-daisy
Amperea xiphoclada var. xiphoclada  Broom Spurge
Amphipogon caricinus var. scaber  Long Greybeard Grass
Amphipogon strictus  Greybeard Grass
Amyema cambagei  Needle Mistletoe, Needle-leaf Mistletoe, Swamp Oak Mistletoe
Amyema linophylla subsp. orientalis  Buloke Mistletoe, Slender Mistletoe
Amyema miquelii  Box Mistletoe, Bronze Mistletoe
Amyema pendula subsp. longifolia  Drooping Mistletoe
Amyema quandang var. quandang  Grey Mistletoe
Andropogon virginicus  Broomsedge, Whisky Grass (*)
Angophora floribunda  Apple Box, Boondah, Rough-barked Apple, Rusty Gum
Angophora subvelutina  Broad-leaved Apple
Anthosachne plurinervis   -
Anthosachne scabra  Common Wheatgrass
Anthoxanthum odoratum  Scented Vernal Grass, Sweet Vernal Grass (*)
Aotus lanigera  Golden Candlesticks, Hairy Aotus
Aotus mollis  -
Aotus subglauca var. subglauca  -
Aristida benthamii var. spinulifera  Three-awned Speargrass
Aristida caput-medusae  Many-headed Wiregrass
Aristida contorta  Bunched Kerosene Grass
Aristida jerichoensis var. jerichoensis  Jericho Wiregrass
Aristida jerichoensis var. subspinulifera  Blue Speargrass, Jericho Wiregrass
Aristida muricata  -
Aristida personata  Purple Wiregrass
Aristida ramosa  Cane Wiregrass, Purple Wiregrass
Aristida vagans  Three-awned Speargrass
Aristida warburgii  Twisted Wiregrass
Arthropodium fimbriatum  Nodding Chocolate-lily
Arthropodium milleflorum  Pale Vanilla-lily, Vanilla Lily
Arthropodium minus  Small Vanilla-lily
Arthropodium paniculatum  Pale Vanilla-lily, Vanilla Lily
Arundinella nepalensis  Dardy's Oats, Reedgrass
Arundo donax  Arundo, Bamboo, Elephant Grass, Giant Reed (*)
Asparagus officinalis  Asparagus Fern (*)
Asperula ambleia  Stiff Woodruff
Asperula conferta  Common Woodruff
Astrotricha longifolia  Long-leaved Sneeze Bush
Austrostipa densiflora  Brushtail Speargrass, Foxtail Speargrass
Austrostipa pubescens  -
Austrostipa rudis subsp. nervosa  Tall Speargrass
Austrostipa rudis subsp. rudis  Tall Speargrass
Austrostipa scabra subsp. scabra  Rough Speargrass
Austrostipa setacea  Corkscrew Grass
Austrostipa verticillata  Bamboo Speargrass
Avena ludoviciana  Ludo Wild Oats, Wild Oat (*)

© Vanessa and Chris Ryan, 2009 | Copyright Details and Disclaimer
Last updated: 2nd October 2015