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1st December, 2011

27th October, 2011

9th September, 2011

11th August, 2011
  • New Downloads:
    The booklet "Vegetation of Girraween National Park - Flora and Vegetation Communities" is now available from our Downloads page.

  • New Photos and Species page with Mini-gallery:
    Orchid - Acianthus exsertus Dark Mosquito Orchid [5]
    Orchid - Pterostylis nutans Nodding Greenhood [4]
    Orchid - Pterostylis vitrea Glassy Leafy Greenhood [4]

  • Updated:
    • Snake - Red-bellied Black Snake. [New mini-gallery.]
    • Reformatted the Search results on the Search page.
    • The following have been updated from the new plants species list.
      • Downloads page - Girraween Orchid Flowering Calendar
      • Downloads page - Girraween Plant Species List
      • Flags 1 - "in the broad sense" have been removed from species.
      • Caladenia aff. flaccida is now Caladenia flaccida
        Caladenia aff. tentaculata is now Caladenia tentaculata
        Chiloglottis aff. formicifera is now Chiloglottis formicifera
        Prasophyllum aff. odoratum is now Prasophyllum odoratum
        Pterostylis aff. longicurva is now Pterostylis longicurva
        Pterostylis aff. parviflora is now Pterostylis parviflora

29th July, 2011

8th July, 2011

17th June, 2011

26th May, 2011

4th May, 2011

15th April, 2011

1st April, 2011

18th March, 2011
  • New Species:
    Antechinus flavipes flavipes Yellow-footed Antechinus [1 photo]
    Antechinus stuartii Brown Antechinus [1]
    Hydromys chrysogaster Rakali [1]
    Pseudomys gracilicaudatus Eastern Chestnut Mouse [1]
    Rattus lutreolus Swamp Rat [1]
    Rattus tunneyi Pale Field-rat [1]

  • New Photos:
    Diuris abbreviata Lemon Doubletail [4]
    Diuris chrysantha Granite Donkey Orchid [3 + 2 from D. abbreviata]

  • Updated:
    • The Downloads page - The Orchid Flowering Calendar has been revised and updated.
    • Thanks To... page - a new photographic contributer, the Queensland Museum.
      Also on the Thanks To... page - added John Cowburn, Robert Ashdown, Dr Michael Mathieson and Craig Robbins for special mention. Tweaked the page layout by breaking the list in two.
    • The Search page. Reworded "Find a Flower" to "Find a Plant". Also changed to "Flower" Colour, "Flower" Shape, "Flowering" Season. Tweaked formatting.
    • Created a "Special Plants" section on the Plants page. Removed the special plants status list of links from Flowering Plants page. Some of the park's special plants don't have flowers.
    • The lists of special plants with the non-flowering plants, such as Callitris monticola Dwarf Cypress Pine (NT) and Huperzia varia Long Clubmoss (V). Also added thumbnail images to the special plants pages - for example: Endangered Plant Species.
    • Orchids - updated species' names, removed species not specifically recorded as being in Girraween, included new species to the list, corrected the flowering times for orchids listed in the "Find Flowering Plant by Season" pages.

  • Corrections:

25th February, 2011

19th February, 2011

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