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4 November, 2016

9 August, 2016

  • Corrections:
  • New Pages:
  • Updated:
    • Downloads page: Girraween Orchid Flowering Calendar
    • Fungus - What was previously identified as Ramaria capitata var. ochraceosalmonicolor is most likely a new Ramaria species, one that is yet to be formally described and given a name. For now will be called Ramaria sp..
    • Lizards - Amphibolurus nobbi Nobbi Dragon is now Diporiphora nobbi Common Nobbi Dragon.
    • Lizards - Oedura lesueurii Lesueur's Velvet Gecko is now Amalosia lesueurii.
    • Plant - What was previously indentified as Sphaerolobium vimineum Leafless Globe Pea, is possibly an undescribed Sphaerolobium species. Have updated the name to be Sphaerolobium sp. throughout the website. This includes downloadable species lists. The species page is now in Gallery format with some information.
    • Snails - Photos of unidentified snail shell now identified as Ponderconcha ianthostoma Granite Belt Woodland Snail. Merged photos.
    • Snakes, Blindsnakes - Genus was Ramphotyphlops, is now Anilios. Anilios proximus common name is now the Woodland Blindsnake.
    • Snakes, Cryptophis nigrescens Eastern Small-eyed Snake - reworded the text with the 6th photo.
    • Stamps, The Girraween Postage Stamp page - new url for Nambung National Park.
    • Copyright and Disclaimer page - included copyright statement for the "Australian Wildflowers" stamp issue, copyright statement for the "Girraween" song and a disclaimer statement for material in the Historical section.
    • Thanks to page - included Penny Davies and Roger Ilott.
    • Changed references to NPRSR website to "Queensland Government", including the sidebar button.
    • References: Websites page, Geology -
      • new URL for Rocks and Landscapes Notes – Girraween National Park; and
      • removed dead link for St. Ives School – Weathering and Granite Landscapes.

12 May, 2016

3rd April, 2016

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