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2nd December, 2012

19th October, 2012

3rd September, 2012
  • New separate species list for Girraween's algae, fungi and lichen species. Available in .pdf and .xls formats from the Downloads page.

  • Begun expansion and redesign of the Algae, Fungi and Lichen pages:
    • Removed the "More Fungi" page.
    • Algae: Updated text from new species list, reduced size of existing photo of green algae and included a new photo of a red algae.
    • Fungi:
      • Fungi page - new overview of fungi in general.
      • Sac Fungi page - renamed to Ascomycetes and updated from new species list. Also included images.
      • Club Fungi page - renamed to Basidiomycetes. Larger thumbnail images. Renamed Panus fasciatus to Lentinus fasciatus. Renamed to Omphalina species to Lichenomphalia chromacea and removed link to images. This section is still to be expanded.
      • Myxomycetes - new section on Slime Moulds. Included species page for Fuligo septica. [4 photos]
    • Lichens: Section has been totally redesigned. Now includes Jutta Godwin's article "For the Love of Lichens" and a gallery of Girraween's Lichens. Individual species pages have been created for:

  • Updated:
    • "Girraween Plant Species List" no longer includes the algae, fungi and lichen species. Contents page of .pdf version has been improved; eg. broke up Myrtles into Eucalypts and Bottlebrushes etc.. Available on the Downloads page.
    • Thanks to... page - added two new photographers, Jutta Godwin and Megan Prance. Also added Tom Ryan and Jutta Godwin to the "A special thank you to..." section.
    • Copyright and Disclaimer page - listed copyright permission for Jutta Godwin's "For the Love of Lichens" and details for algae and fungi species lists generated by Atlas of Living Australia. Also reorganised the entries into better groupings.

12th July, 2012

14th June, 2012
  • Corrections:
    • Derwentia arenaria is now called Veronica arenaria [Qld Herbarium confirmed]. Updated species lists and web pages accordingly.
    • Fixed broken mouse rollover image for the "Back To Top" navigation button.

  • New Species:
    Plant, Figwort - Veronica arenaria Speedwell [4 photos]
    Plant, Orchid - Corybas hispidus Bristly Helmet Orchid [2]

  • New Photos:
    Lizard - Lialis burtonis Burton's Legless Lizard [2]
    Snake - Demansia psammophis Yellow-faced Whip Snake [1]

  • Updated:
    • Thanks to... page - added new photographer, Cheri Desailly.
    • Confirmed Girraween's species of Helmet Orchid as Corybas hispidus Bristly Helmet Orchid. Updated species lists and web pages accordingly.
    • Downloads page - Girraween Orchid Flowering Calendar has been updated with Corybas hsipidis details.
    • History, Chapter 2, And then there was one... - Included recently revealed information about the naming of Girraween National park.
    • The Girraween Postage Stamp page - Included 2012 statistics for Australia's total protected land area. Removed 2008 statistics.
    • References: Printed Materials page - added 7 new books; "Australian Ants: Their Biology and Identification", "A Field Guide to Australian Fungi", "A Field Guide to Australian Trees", "A Field Guide to Fungi of Australia", "A Field Guide to Insects in Australia" 3rd Edition, "A Guide to the Katydids of Australia", "Wildflowers of Victoria and Adjoining Areas".
    • Changed heading of "Flowers" to "Plants" on all Reference pages.
    • The following pages now have a mini-gallery and information:

13th May, 2012

20th April, 2012

2nd April, 2012
  • Corrections:
    • The common name of "Koda" given for Elaeocarpus reticulatus was incorrect. It has been removed from the website and the plant species lists available from the Downloads page.
    • Spider - Supunna albopunctata. Fixed a typo in the text accompanying the second image.

  • Updated:
    • Gallery - This section has been redesigned for easier navigation and future expansion. There is now a "contents" page and the gallery pages have breadcrumbs.
    • All links throughout the site have been checked. Dead links have been marked as such with the date it was checked. If the linked site has moved, the new URL has been provided.
    • The credit for Gunther Schmida now includes a link to his website - www.guntherschmida.com.au
    • Changed the title "Insects and Spiders" to "Arthropods" in the Animals section.
    • Geology - The five images of the minerals from the Granite Foundations page have been linked and given breadcrumbs.
    • Camping - The two images of the camping areas have been linked.
    • The following pages are now in the mini-gallery format:
    • The formatting of the following pages has been updated:

10th March, 2012
  • Corrections:
  • New Track Photo Sequence:
    Granite Arch – September, 2011 [130 photos]

  • New Species:
    Cicada - Psaltoda brachypennis Phantom Knight [1 photo]

  • Updated:
    • The following pages have been updated from the new plants species list. The formatting of some of these pages may have also been adjusted.
    • The following page now has larger thumbnail images and additional information:
    • A large number of pages within the Plants and Animals sections have had their formatting tweaked. The line spacing has been reduced and/or the margins widened. This was done to increase consistency of formatting throughout the website.

18th February, 2012

23rd January, 2012

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