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2nd December, 2010

19th November, 2010

29th October, 2010

5th October, 2010
  • Photos:
    Two new photo sequences that cover The Junction walking track - August, 2010 Pt1 and Pt2.
    [104 & 200 photos]

  • Updated:
    • The Booking Your Campsite page in the Camping Section. Added a direct link to Queensland Government Online booking page.
    • Corrected a typo on the Asteroid page.

  • Added:
    • Some small icons to the Flowering Plants page.
    • A background image for those who have wide monitors and can see beyond the box.
    • A sliding "Back to Top" button to the navigation bar.

21st September, 2010
  • New:
    Some fun and games! We now have three Girraween themed crosswords for you to Download and puzzle out! [Most of the answers can be found on this website.]

  • Photos:
    We have now tagged photos that were not taken in the park with the [⊗] symbol to distinguish them from photos of species that were taken in the park. You can read more about this on our new Our Photographs page.

30th August, 2010

23rd August, 2010

4th August, 2010
  • Corrections:
    • Size of Girraween Asteroid - from smaller than 1km diameter to 4.7km across. Thanks to Eiji for this latest information.
    • Eastern Small-eyed Snake - Rhinoplocephalus nigrescens to Cryptophis nigrescens.
    • Common name of Brunoniella australis from Blue Tubular to Blue Trumpet.
    • Common name of Epaltes australis from Spreading Nutclusters to Spreading Nutheads.
    • Acacia brownei to Acacia brownii Golden Prickly Moses, Heath Wattle.
    • Omalanthus populifolius Native Bleeding Heart to Homalanthus nutans.
    • Veronica arenaria to Derwentia arenaria.
    • Senna odorata is Senna barronfieldii.
    • Fixed some page titles - removed formatting code from them.

  • Updated:
    Conservation status codes - Rare has become Near Threatened. Also, the status of some plants have changed.

  • New Section:
    We now have a Downloads section. Many thanks to Jo for letting us have use of the Girraween Wildlife Booklet! There are more items in addition to the booklet to come, including a Bird species list and a Plant species list. There are also Girraween themed activities for kids and other fun stuff like a crossword in the works.

  • New Photos:
    Flannel Flower Actinotus helianthi [4 photos]

  • New Species:
    Photos of 10 species of wattles!
    Photos of 2 species of banksias.
    Golden Lily  Bulbine bulbosa [1 photo]
    Long-leaved Sneeze Bush  Astrotricha longifolia [5 photos]
    Native Carrot  Daucus glochidiatus [2 photos]
    Native Candytuft  Trachymene incisa subsp. incisa [4 photos]
    Rock She-oak  Allocasuarina rupicola [4 photos]
    Wonga Wonga Vine  Pandorea pandorana [2 photos]
    Wrinkled Kerrawang  Rulingia hermanniifolia [2 photos]
    Gecko mites - Geckobia species [1 photo]

  • Have also done a lot of "behind-the-scenes" cleanup of html code in the Plants section.

15th July, 2010

27th June, 2010

7th June, 2010
  • Renamed Flowers section to Plants.
    Totally reorganised the section; breaking it into new subsections. All the previously used plant photos are still included. There are many more new photos yet to come!

  • Updated:
  • Added some new photos:
    Lichens [4 photos]

24th May, 2010

8th May, 2010

23rd April, 2010
  • Created some new sections:
    Picnics - pulled existing Day-use Area pages into separate new section
    Camping - all new
    Info Centre - pulled existing Visitor Information Centre pages into separate new section
    Asteroid - all new

  • Removed:
    The Day-use areas information from the Tracks pages, changing the Mt Norman Day-use Area subsection to Mt Norman South.

  • Added:
  • Updated:
    • The contact details for The Rare Wildlife Consortium from Liz Bourne's email address to a link to their website.
    • The link to Contact Us now goes to a page with our email and postal addresses.
    • The order of the buttons in the Sidebar, including new buttons to the new sections.

  • Given names to our:
    Clerid beetle - Eleale species
    Belid beetle - Rhinotia species
    Cicada - Pauropsalta species
    Dragonfly - Cordulephya species

  • Made some corrections:
    • Corrected identification of our Crane fly - Gynoplistia species to Leptotarsus species.
    • Fixed the formatting of a number of pages where there were problems with page height.
    • Changed the formatting of a number of pages - including the Home, Flowers, Animals and About Us - so that the text is in block format, in-step with the rest of the site.

14th April, 2010

21st March, 2010

9th February, 2010
  • Temporarily removed Ferns, Grasses and Wattles from the Flowers page. These sections as yet have no content.
  • Corrected identification of Xerochrysum bracteatum – Golden Everlasting to Coronidium oxylepis
  • Corrected identification of Astrotricha longifolia – the Long-leaved Sneeze Bush to Pomaderris queenslandica – Scant Pomaderris

19th January, 2010

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